Sensory Garden


Sensory Garden


Our new sensory garden at Eyam is under construction. This sheltered area is a welcoming garden where students and tutors can meet at the start of the school day.  After the initial drawings and 3D models were made, work started with the construction of a beautifully made curved drystone wall, built from local gritstone sourced from Bretton Quarry located a quarter of a mile from the site.


Once the foundations were dug out, then the walling started.  The random stone was graded into consistent thicknesses so that the wall could be built in courses.  Each course was marked out with a level string stretched between frames to ensure consistency.  The is a slight slope on the wall called a 'batter'.


Once the wall was built, the interior raised beds and paths were laid out.  The alignment of these was carefully set before foundation trenches were constructed to take the vertically placed green oak sleepers before they were concreted in.  Following this the circular central area was constructed.


There is much work to do over the coming weeks.  We anticipate that students will be able to contribute to the design and build of some of the interior features, such as a mosaic, some handmade musical instruments and more. We are being helped with the planting plan by a number of people.  Pieter Van Vilet from High Riggs Biodynamic Garden and Renuka Russell a qualified herbalist are both thinking of ideas for this garden.


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