Our Vision

The vision for Eyam Outdoor Provision is to create a series of outdoor learning spaces on a scale that is relevant to the students who visit.  These spaces are contained and separate, often with newly planted hedges around the perimeter designed to eventually create a degree of protection.  They are generally linked by walkways and gates that lead through the spaces.  Seating and firepits are designed in along with any required resources.  The collective term for these places is a Land Laboratory where a myriad of learning opportunities are provided by natural resources in a biodynamic context.


The Natural Dye Garden

One such example is the creation of a Dye Garden. This scheme has been inspired by the work of our Woolcraft Tutor.  It will involve growing natural dye plants in raised beds.  It will also entail making an area where large vats can be heated ready for the dyeing process.  We intend to group the plants according to the colours they produce.  They will be grown from seed and used for the process of dyeing wool from our sheep which will in turn be used for woolcraft projects.



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