As the colder period of the year approaches, and rumours circulate that we might expect a harsh winter, I thought I would add a section offering advice on what students should wear when they visit our Eyam Site, situated at 1300ft above sea level in the heart of The Peak District National Park.


We are committed to giving students a valuable outdoor experience when they visit and except in really exceptional circumstances we won't be cancelling sessions at Eyam on the basis of rain, snow, cold or wind.  What we do advise is that students are wearing the correct clothing for the conditions!


You will always be given an indication of an upcoming visit to Eyam by your child's curriculum teacher or craft tutor.  We also information on our online timetable here.  Please be aware that appropriate clothing is an essential part of preparing students for outdoor learning.


Whilst we always carefully consider health and safety and assess the risks of extreme weather on a daily basis, students must have winter coats, wellies or strong boots, gloves, and hats.  They might also wear an extra layer or two to ensure warmth and they should also consider waterproof over trousers for wet conditions.  Furthermore a few essential dry 'spares' like a pair of socks and a 'T' Shirt could be kept in a labelled bag at Eyam Outdoor Classroom for all eventualities.  Bear in mind that as yet we do not have full changing facilities - but these are planned in the near future.


As always please do not hesitate to contact either myself or the school to discuss these matters further, and we can also supply warm clothing on request if this is agreed in advance so we can ensure that correct sizes are available.


With Warm Regards


Jim Hildyard

Head of Outdoor Learning - Brantwood Specialist School





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